Vision 20/20

Muhlenberg County began the process of creating a vision for our county in 2014.  A collaboration between the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation, Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress (MAP) and the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce, a vision will help the entire county to have common goals that the entire county  has the opportunity to help establish.  The process of creating a vision involves finding what issues are important to the community, prioritizing these issues and developing a plan to implement ideas and solutions.   Currently, surveys are being conducted throughout the county that allows citizens to rate the importance of certain issues to them in regards to Muhlenberg County.  A Community Assessment Survey asks individuals to list where they like to take out of town visitors, places you avoid, and unique features of our county.  These surveys have been distributed to Chamber members, civic organizations, and at a Visioning meeting last fall.  If you have not yet completed such a survey, please do so as we want to hear from as many people as possible.

Visioning has become a subcommittee of the Work Ready Community in Progress Adult (25+0) Focus Group as the best path is determined to create the vision for our county.  Other communities that have undergone a similar process are being reviewed to determine the most efficient way to proceed.  The committee is looking for positive people to become a part of this initiative as ideas and solutions are generated from all across the county.  Contact Susan Wells at for more information about becoming involved in creating a vision for Muhlenberg County.

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