Ready to Work

ready to work


The Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce is excited to partner with the Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center to offer a program to assist those going into the work force. Anyone can donate clothing and shoes to the Opportunity Center and designate it for the Ready ToWork Program. You will receive your normal tax donation and the Ready To Work Program will receive a credit to their account based on the poundage of the clothing donated.  As needs are identified in the community, a voucher will be issued to the person going to a job interview, the first day of a job…whatever the need may be.  Anyone interested in more information on the voucher program should contact Dorothy Walker at 270-754-2360.  The Ready To Work Clothes Closet is also a great source for those wanting to purchase a professional outfit at a competitive price.

The community is critical to making this program a success.  Donations made to the Opportunity Center in the name of Ready to Work allow this project to be self funding for those that utilize the voucher to obtain clothing.  These donations also keep an inventory of professional clothing on hand to choose from for those using the voucher and for those wanting to simply purchase professional clothing at a reasonable price.  While professional clothing is needed, any type of clothing or shoes (casual, children’s, etc.) may be donated in the name of Ready To Work and credit will be given to this account.  All items should be labeled as Ready To Work to make sure proper credit is given.

The community is also vital in spreading the word to those in need of this service.  Churches, civic organizations and businesses are encouraged to help spread the word to those that may benefit from the clothes closet.  This project is a component of Muhlenberg County transitioning from a Work Ready Community In Progress to a Work Ready Community.