Leadership Muhlenberg


What is Leadership Muhlenberg?
Leadership Muhlenberg is a unique training program to develop tomorrow’s leaders today. It broadens individuals’ experiences by acquainting them with area businesses, civic organizations and local government activities. The participants are provided access to many resources that cannot be gained elsewhere.

The program contains one meeting per month for a nine month commitment. Each of these days will contain lectures, discussions, tours, role-playing activities and team projects to educate the class on each topic.

One of the greatest benefits is to allow emerging leaders to acquaint themselves with one another and with the community’s current business and civic organizations.

Why Leadership Muhlenberg?

Assist Your Career:

  • Develop Your Leadership Skills
  • Network with Local Professionals
  • Discover Resources Available for Your Business
  • Better Understand Local Consumers

Assist Your Family:

  • Direct Input into your Family’s Quality of Life
  • Discover Activities for your Family
  • Make New Friends

Assist Your Community:

  • Nothing Happens Until You do Something
  • Direct Input into Muhlenberg County’s Future
  • Improve County’s Spirit of Unity

Program Activities:

  • Develop Leadership and Team Building Skills
  • Aid the County and your Business with Group Projects
  • Further Understand Muhlenberg Economic Development
  • Identify Local Government and Civic Programs
  • Study the History of Muhlenberg County
  • Review Local Education Systems
  • Tour Muhlenberg County’s Health Care Facilities
  • Examine Local Entrepreneurships and Industries
  • Commemorate with Prominent Graduation Ceremony

Participation Requirements:

Fee Structure:

  • Chamber Members $150
  • Non-Chamber Members $175

Attendance Policy:

  • Participants are required to attend all 9 sessions and will be allowed one excused absence.
  • Participants are required to attend 3 of the following meetings:
    • Muhlenberg Industrial Development Corporation
    • Paradise Park Regional Industrial Development Authority
    • Muhlenberg County Fiscal Court
    • Any Muhlenberg County City Council Meeting
    • Muhlenberg County Board of Education

Class Meetings

Classes will meet the third Wednesday of each month beginning in September and ending in June (excluding December)

Registration Period: June 1st – July 31st, 2014

Selection Process:

  • 12 members are selected for each annual class
  • Selection will focus on future or new leaders emerging in the community
  • An equivalent representation will be selected from the different Muhlenberg County communities
  • An equivalent representation will be selected from the different Muhlenberg County industries
  • An equivalent representation will be selected from different education levels
  • Prospect written reasons for interest in participation will be considered
  • Prospect references will be considered
  • Tie-breakers will be decided on a first come, first serve basis